7 Shopify Templates for Drop Servicing

Drop servicing is a quite popular digital business model. This business delivers its services via online platforms. So, having an online store is a major requirement when starting drop servicing. It is the platform via which, all the transactions are generally taking place. There are several e-commerce platforms that provide easy development of such e-shops. Shopify is among the best online store creating platforms out there. There are numerous Shopify templates for drop servicing.

Shopify is really easy to use and very flexible. The user can customize the features to a format he prefers. This flexibility and quality maintenance, along with ease of use has made Shopify quite popular. Drop service providers are really attracted to this platform because of the large number of templates they provide. The easily customizable themes have fully functional payment handling options too. So, let’s go ahead and see 7 Shopify templates for drop servicing. There are free as well as premium templates. They are very quality and attractive. And these are just 7 from a wide array of the best Shopify templates.

1. Big Sale

The big sale is a quite popular and widely used Shopify theme. It is actually a multipurpose theme that you can customize in the ways you want. There are 12 different home pages in this useful Shopify theme. The UI is pretty clean and the objects are neatly arranged. This Shopify theme has an optimized navigation system and a great user experience.

Another thing is, you can use this template to match any service you sell. It is easily customizable and multipurpose. The theme is modern and beautiful. You can use it to showcase any type of service you sell. In addition, this Shopify theme integrates with Orbelo. This is really easy to handle because of visual building. You can just drag and drop the images and other objects in any order you want.

The other functions include, you can pick the colors and fonts according to your preferences, and there are newsletter pop-ups too. In addition to all those features, this template is Search Engine optimized and is fully responsive too.


MegaStrore is another great Shopify template for the drop servicing business model. It also has several great features that make this template ideal for your drop servicing business. Primarily, this template is great for something like a supermarket website. But that doesn’t mean it is only for such a website. It is ideal for drop shipping and drop servicing business models too.

This template is really useful to provide the customer with an amazing user experience. There is a built-in mega menu, and a quick view product menu, and many other functions. This Shopify theme also is very flexible and customizable. There is a layered navigation system that makes searching for products and services even easier.

This template also has built-in search engine optimization and device responsiveness. And in addition, there are social sharing options available here too.

Planet Tech Store

Planet Tech store comes with a modern trendy look and a clean interface. t allows a better user experience and a simple UI design too. It has several intriguing features just like the above two templates. There is a section to display your best work and greatest offers. And this Shopify template is fully responsive too.

There is product filtering, Ajax-powered search and it is also easily customizable. You can use whatever colors, fonts, or images you like. In addition to all of those, there are blog layouts too. This is another great template for a drop servicing business model.

These are the three best Shopify store templates that anyone can easily use. But there are numerous other Shopify templates for drop servicing too. Let’s see what those are.


Need a  much simpler and minimal website template? Then Arthur will surely grab your attention. It is a convenient yet simple and minimal template. If you are interested in a clean and minimal solution, just search for the Arthur template. There is an instant product search system and product quick views too.

In addition to the above mentioned, there is also intelligent filtering, and more. This theme is also Search engine optimized and it integrates with Orbelo. It is easily customizable and flexible. There is popup login, Instagram shop options too, which makes this model a whole lot more useful. And the great thing is, there are even more features than mentioned above.


This is another great Shopify theme for your drop servicing business. It is versatile, customizable, and flexible. The design is quite classy and modern. The UI is simple to handle, clean, and clear. And there are beautiful images too.

And the user have options to identify the most popular services you have too. There are 7 demos where you can select one from. There are many additional features too. For instance, there is product quick filters and views, mega menus, advanced layered navigation.

Just like the above mentioned templates, you can completely customize the colors, fonts too. And you don’t have to worry about the responsiveness too.


Avon is another great Shopify theme you can try. It is also modern and classy. A great advantage is that the pages in this theme load really fast. So, it leads to a better user experience too. There are around 35 pages in general. You can pick any page of your preference.


This is another amazing Shopify theme that would suit your business. It has hundreds of pre-defined web pages that you can choose from. These are flexible and customizable. There are several additional features like mega menu, wishlist too.

So, those pretty much sums up several amazing Shopify templates for a drop servicing business model. Not only the above 7, but  there are many more templates one can choose from. Shopify is ideal to seek for a website template for your drop servicing online store.

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