7 WordPress Templates for Drop Servicing

Drop servicing is now a major digital business model. It is very popular as it is easier to carry out. One major requirement of a drop servicing business is its store. Drop servicing business is a digital business model. So, an online store is a must. Then the buyers can visit your store and place their orders. So, that is a general idea of how important a store is. It should be well maintained and should have an eye-catching interface too. Here is a guide on the best WordPress templates for drop servicing. There are many platforms that provide stunning templates for such online stores. For instance, there are Shopify and WordPress as the two major platforms. Here, we are going to discuss WordPress and the best WordPress templates for drop servicing. WordPress contains a wide array of templates explicitly designed for online stores. There are free templates as well as paid templates. So, let’s find 7 out of the best available WordPress templates for drop servicing. If you are currently on drop servicing, try one of the following templates to give your customers a better experience at your store.


Colorway WordPress theme

The colorway is kind of a classic-looking website. It has a quite clean UI with many features just to provide the customer a better user experience. It is easy to navigate through and simple. There are easy options to replace the default images. This WordPress template is designed with qualities that give an amazing experience to both ends.

This template assembles your data in one place and allows you to orderly arrange them. One other important feature is that this template is free. That makes it easier for the users and you can use that money for additional development processes. It comes from a designing team that charges for their work. If you are looking for a clean, clear, and classical looking template, then Colorway ranks among the best. Now let’s move onto several other templates.

Download Colorway WordPress template here.



Evolve is another awesome WordPress template that you can use to create your online store. This is a more business-looking theme offered by WordPress, that goes beyond the ordinary blog-looking templates. Evolve is a great option you can consider when picking up a template. There is a big image on top with options to include a number of links.

These links can come in handy in many instances. You can just display the areas you cover and as topics and redirect your customers to detailed options when clicked. This helps a great deal in using the law of attraction. And it gives a better user experience because the user can pick the services he needs quickly. This feature enables you to receive a better amount of projects as the user can find what they want quickly.

Download Evolve template here



Responsive template is really responsive as its name suggests. This design is built based on a responsive grid system. It enables the website to fix its structure when the device size changes. That makes the whole website efficiently responsive. Another great thing is, Responsive offers more flexibility when it comes to customization.

There are all the basic features that an online store should have in Responsive. You have to customize it in the way you want. It is clean and simple. The navigation through this template is also easy. Those features overall make the website suitable for your business.

Download Responsive template here.

Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite is actually not a large website. It just consists of one web page and there are sections to display each page you intend to create. It allows a different and effective look to the website. This template is amazing if you use it wisely. The customers do not have to wander through pages to find what they need. Everything is available on the same page. That makes it very useful as a service website template.

Zerif is actually a paid template. The free version is Zerif Lite. But that hasn’t reduced the quality and attractiveness of the template.

Download Zerif Lite here.

Parallax One

Parallax one is another creative and stunning template that you must try out. As the name suggests, it uses the Parallax effect of web development in this template. That means, in simple terms, the content moves where the background image just stays as it is.

In addition, there are numerous colors you can use to customize this template. The preference is solely yours. The parallax effect adds a sort of uniqueness and attractiveness to the overall website. This is another great template ideal to create a drop servicing online store.

Download Parallaz One Wodpress theme.


Ward is another unique type of template that you can use. The specialty is, there are options to maintain a multimedia presence in this template. There are options to insert videos, audio, and images. That would help to make your website a whole lot more appealing and attractive. You can use visual and audio media to showcase the things you have got.

There are features to optimize how your sliders, images look and also to improve them. There are more features that help to track uptime, downtime of the website, and the number of visitors too. This monitoring is really helpful to maintain your website and to achieve a higher range of clients.

Download Ward Pro here.


Last but not least, we have Vantage WordPress theme for drop servicing. This template is special and unique in its own way. It is easy to navigate through, the user interface is simple and clutter-free, and also it is stable and clean. The objects are orderly arranged and these features altogether enable a better user experience.

The special feature is there are many plug-ins that Vantage is compatible with. It allows adding more features to the template without going through much trouble. There are both free and premium versions if you want to try. The plugins allow more functions in this template allowing it to perform really well.

Download Vantage theme here

Those are seven out of the most suitable WordPress templates for a drop servicing business model.

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