About DropXing

Welcome to DropXing

Welcome to DropXing, your drop servicing knowledge bank. We believe that we are the first dedicated website for helping you starting a drop servicing business. Our mission is to provide knowledge for someone dedicated to building an online business using online services.

In 2020 we saw a huge increase in demand for digital services. Also, we identify the importance of a middle man in the online service space to increase the reliability and the quality of the services and the communication between the service providers and the customers. This is the main reason why we started DropXing in 2020.

We believe with the drop servicing business model; you can build a sustainable online business not only focus on making money. You can build your own brand, helping other businesses and individuals by providing the services they required.

On the other hand, you are helping service providers by handling customer communication. We see that the drop servicing business plays a vital role in the services industry but ignored most because of the complexity. If you manage it well, this will be a profitable business model. That is where DropXing can help you.

Areas we can help you with.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals and businesses willing to start a drop servicing business by providing knowledge. Show them endless possibilities, challenges, and how to structure the business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce the confusion and complexity in the service industry through drop servicing.

Why do we need a drop service business model?

On the one hand, service providers and freelancers are highly experienced and skilled in what they do. In most cases, they are not comfortable facing customers or marketing themself to find new customers. On the other hand, customers want to find reliable service providers. However, they do not have time to go through each portfolio to select the best match. This is where your drop servicing business is needed.

The second challenge in the services market is to define the services you provide and price them accordingly. If you fail to define the boundary before you sell it in the market, it will be a disaster. This is why DropXing introduces a service unit where we help you to define the service products and price them accordingly. DropXing will keep on providing the things you need to know to.

Is Drop Servicing Legal and Ethical?

When it comes to drop servicing business, your brain asks is: Is drop servicing legal? And your heart asks: Is drop servicing ethical? DropXing believes drop servicing is a legal and ethical business model as long as you add value to the customers and provide only services that are not illegal in your country.

Where to Start

Start your drop servicing journey by downloading the free course and subscribing to our mailing list. Also, do not forget to follow our blog and we will update you with drop servicing ideas, issues in the market, and solutions and tips. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you.