7 WordPress Templates for Drop Servicing

7 WordPress Templates for Drop Servicing

Drop servicing is now a major digital business model. It is very popular as it is easier to carry out. One major requirement of a drop servicing business is its store. Drop servicing business is a digital business model. So, an online store is a must. Then the buyers can visit your store and place […]

7 Shopify Templates for Drop Servicing

Drop servicing is a quite popular digital business model. This business delivers its services via online platforms. So, having an online store is a major requirement when starting drop servicing. It is the platform via which, all the transactions are generally taking place. There are several e-commerce platforms that provide easy development of such e-shops. […]

How to use white label services for drop servicing?

First of all, let’s see what is white labeling service. White label services are the services that the service providers sell, without branding them. That means, they do not mark those services with their brand nor they display those services in their portfolios. That gives a great opportunity for drop servicing the business model. That […]

Top Drop Servicing Ideas for 2021

Drop servicing ideas for 2021

In this post, we are going to Drop servicing ideas that you can utilize in 2021. Drop servicing is a business model that buys services from a service provider and sells them off to a client who requires that service. The person who is involved in the drop servicing acts as the middle man between […]

Drop Servicing vs Affiliate Marketing

Drop servicing vs Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing and drop servicing are both popular business models that are easy to implement. Both of these models have similarities as well as differences. What is affiliate marketing? Simply it is promoting another person’s business to earn a commission from their income. This is a very popular business model implemented […]

Drop Servicing vs Dropshipping

Drop servicing vs Dropshipping

What is dropshipping? Dropshipping and drop servicing are both business models that follow the same concepts. Both of these concepts create an online store to provide products and services to customers. Dropshipping follows a very simple pathway. The drop shipper acts as the middle man between the product owner and the customer. An inventory or […]