How does drop servicing work

Have you ever thought about a business where you can easily make money without putting too much effort into it or else make a big profit in your business all at once without investing a starting amount? Is it possible to make money that way? The answer is yes. At present, it is not a big deal at all. Because drop servicing has made it easier for you.

If you want to know further information about this amazing money-making method, here you go. The description below will explain to you all the details about drop servicing and how it works, from beginning to end.

What is drop servicing?

‘’Drop servicing’’, in other words ‘’white labeling’’, is a very popular business modal nowadays used by a lot of professionals, businessmen, part-time workers, as well as school leavers as their main or part-time income. This is simply service arbitrage. The very basic theory of drop servicing is a company or a person sells services to clients, then hires less expensive freelancers or agencies to complete the work.

This sounds more like drop shipping, isn’t it? But when it comes to dropping servicing you do not drop-ship physical products but services. That’s how to drop servicing differs from drop shipping.

The drop servicing methodology

The methodology of drop servicing is quite easy to understand and can be performed by anyone.

For example, imagine that you are the owner of an advertising company. And you sell a completed advertisement for $3000. But Instead of doing the work by yourself and spending $3000 to make it, you can simply hire a freelancer who will charges you only  $2,000 to complete the same advertisement requirement. This means in the end a $1000 profit will go straightly into your pocket. Sounds great right?

Some drop servicers choose to keep this a secret and some will explain to the clients that there’s a team they manage. That is totally up to you to decide.

Things to keep in your mind if you wish to become a drop servicer

  • Choose what will work the best for you.

This is the most important part that you have to focus on if you are new to the business. Finding the best niche is really important to becoming a successful drop servicer. It is more like a foundation you set before you build the house. If the foundation is strong enough and well-built then the rest of the staff are well assured.

You can drop service a wide variety of services. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what you should pick as your preference.

Here is the list of services that can be drop serviced.

Link building

Guest posting

Ad copywriting

Video creation

Video editing

Search engine optimization

Content creation

LOGO creation

Social media management

Virtual assistant services


CV writing

Before you chose a specific area to start your business as a drop servicer, it is better to go for an area that you are specialized in or have some kind of knowledge of. This may help you to have more confidence and to overcome any unexpected future difficulties.

And also it is really important to have some sort of knowledge of highly demanding and needed ideas in the market and which ideas seem the simplest to build and execute. And also which ideas might bring your company the highest profit.

  • Find a good team of service providers

As same as finding your niche, finding the right team to get your work done is important too. Because your team is the backbone of your business. They have to be pioneers in the field. If you wish to deliver quality work to your customer then the work of your team should also be of good quality. Therefore you should always focus on their experience level with the service you’d like to provide. Furthermore, make sure that your team will be reliable and submit the work they are given on time.

If you wish to hire a freelancer online for your team, you can refer to freelance marketplace websites such as  Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, FlexJobs, 99designs, and FreeUp.

When you have found the right freelancer for your requirement, do not giveaway a work straightly to complete. You can simply start with a test project to check whether you have chosen the right person.

  • Make sure your freelancer charges an amount quite less than your customer pays you.

The main goal of your business drop servicing is making some sort of a profit for yourself. Therefore, to achieve it you have to keep in mind that every task you are going to take should bring you a great profit. So that you should always hire a freelancer or a team that would charge a less amount of money than your customer offers you. This is the main principle of drop servicing.

  • Attract customers with marketing.

This part plays a major role in any business. Good marketing skills allow you to attract more customers and bring traffic to your business. After you have implemented your drop servicing business you need to have a good customer base to provide you with the tasks and be engaged with your business. You can go for options like:

Social media marketing

Content marketing

Referral marketing

to improve your customer base.

As same as you focus on attracting new customers it is really important to keep and interact with your old customers as well. A good customer base will always help you to increase your profit. Giving a small 5% discount to the old customers will not bring you any loss.  

Work on it to earn more.

As I have mentioned earlier, drop servicing works as a great opportunity for everyone who wishes to have a great profit in their businesses without putting a lot of effort into it. You only have to take the first step. And then the rest will lead you to earn your profit within a blink of an eye.  

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