How to create a landing page design for ecommerce site

What can we identify as a landing page in Ecommerce?

When we talk about landing pages, those plays kind of a different role when compared to the other websites or web pages that we can see on the internet.

Basically we can put any of the main types of pages that make up an online store to the category of landing pages. Especially product details pages, home pages, category pages, and– can be identified as the examples for landing pages. And landing pages includes separate pages.

When it comes to ecommerce setting, we use the phrase landing pages to describe a page designed especially as an entry-point for different varieties of traffic. And the landing page is the first touch point to a websites new customers. Landing pages plays a major role in ecommerce which is making a high impact of motivating customers to purchase the products.

If you are looking forward to create successful landing page design to your business then, the below article is about useful tips and areas that you have to consider when creating a landing page design for an ecommerce site.

Why it is necessary to Set up a landing page

Not like a website, a landing page requires only a less amount of money, time, and less effort to build it up. And also Most of the time we can do the creating, testing, and optimizing areas of a landing page in a short period of time and with a minimum usage of resources. Because of these advantages, landing pages are ideal solutions for the short-term promotions, test campaigns, and also for marketing the smaller areas of your online business.

Setting up a landing page step by step

Create the Wireframe

When it comes to designing your landing page design, this part is the first thing to consider. Which is creating the firmware.  A wireframe involves in the general framework which helps to put together the page and also the necessary connection between brainstorming and implementing.

Not only that, a wireframe is useful for another reasons as well. For an example, if you want to make sure if you’ve included all the necessary information without missing any essential information then your wireframe can help you with that.

When adding a wireframe there are several areas that should be included. Such as:

  • When it comes to columns it is appropriate to add one or two column structure. If not you page will not show a properly arranged atmosphere to your page visitor.
  • Keep only the necessary links. You can remove all other unnecessary links such as navigation headers. Otherwise it will distract your page visitors from the primary CTA.
  • Divide the sections clearly. If your page includes many different sections then it is better to arrange them in a clear and better way.

Add an informative, suitable headline

Most of the time when it comes to landing pages, web pages or websites, visitors only focus on the headline at first. When they read the headline, If they feel like there’s nothing for them to get in your landing page or it is not their cup of tea, it is very clear that your visitors will leave your page without paying attention to the rest stuff. Therefore, if you don’t focus on adding the most suitable headline then you will lose not only your customers but also the growth of your business as well.

The next question is how to put an appropriate headline to your landing page? So here you go. When you put a headline it has to be short. People do not like to read long detailed headlines. And also you can mention a one special benefit near the headline that your customers can gain.

Consider on Above the Fold Copy

Try not to over fill up your landing page with an excessive copy. If you are adding any supporting information those should be summarized to the point and also should be interesting to your visitor. “Above-the-fold” copy should come directly after your page headline. As this is the second important thing in your page and the first thing your visitors going to see before they scroll down it is really important to consider on this as well.

Work on Main CTA

Sometimes it can be difficult for you to understand the term CTA and it’s job role. But this is also really important and at present there are numbers of case studies have reported about a huge increases in conversions, completed by tweaking smaller parts of the CTAs of landing pages.

If you are looking for some tips to improve the CTA and to create more attention grabbing CTAs here you go:

  • Testing is important to find the most suitable color. Here, the main thing you have to consider is that this particular must stand out from the rest of the stuff of page. To check whether it can be applied to your landing page the only possible way is testing. And you can easily do the testing part without having any interruptions.
  • Using an imperative statement is also necessary if you consider about the main CTA of your landing page. We can define an imperative statement as that “orders” somebody to do something. For an example,  “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, and “Join for Free”, kind of stuff can work well in your landing page to improve your main CTA.

As the main CTA is one of the most important elements of your landing page you must pay your full attention to that, specially, sometimes when people visit your page through their mobile devices, you have to make sure your landing page fills the whole screen. If not your landing page will have a less professional look and it will not be that user-friendly to your visitors to use.

Add Follow Up Information smartly

This part of your landing page will help you to provide more information, overcome your customer doubts and build more trust with your customers. Therefore this part is really important and you have to consider following information when adding the follow up information to your landing page

  • You can include more details about your product and it’s working procedure. And also you can add information such as pricings, features, and delivery details.
  • Thereafter you can add company history and values under follow up information. Here you can add an area named as “About Us”. This will help your visitors to get to know more information about your brand and company. And also you can add link the necessary contact details as well here.
  • Adding a reviews section is the next thing to consider. And in this section you can add some of the best reviews you have received so far. This will help you to add credibility to your business.
  • Including Graphics, images, Videos and rich media are also really important. Product images which clearly show key features are very necessary in ecommerce.  Apart from that you can add graphs, tables, and charts in your landing page to help visitors have a good understanding about the benefits, products and services of your business. Here you can add videos as well to perform above mentioned task.

Summarized Technical aspects to follow when creating a landing page

  • Select an ideal landing page template for your business.
  • Include a suitable name for your landing page.
  • Add the relevant and unique content there.
  • Include attractive images and graphics to your landing page. .
  • Buy a domain name for your landing page.
  • Check whether all the links and CTAs are working properly.
  • Complete the most necessary parts which are meta description and SEO title.
  • Publish your landing page.

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