Is Drop Servicing Legal?

At present a lot of people tend to start their own drop servicing business because of its unlimited benefits. In drop shipping what happens is you get the service from a freelancer for a lower price and then selling the same service for a customer to a higher price. Many people have this question with them when it comes to drop servicing which is whether drop servicing legal or not. The answer for that is, drop servicing is literally a legal business to do. There is no any low against it to depict it as an illegal business. So that, if you are a drop servicer or a person who is willing to start your own drop servicing business then you don’t have to worry at all regarding its legal status.

But yet there are some areas that you have to consider in drop servicing, in order to avoid any future issues or difficulties regarding it’s legal aspects. Whether it is drop servicing, blogging, drop shipping, or any other kind of online business, you have to consider 3 mandatory areas as a lawful businessman.

Therefore, the below article is about 3 main legal areas that you have to consider if you are planning to start over your own online drop servicing business.

  1. Consider about the privacy policy

When it comes to any kind of online business it is necessary for you to collect your customer’s personal information such as name, email, phone number, address etc. As you are doing your drop servicing business online over the internet, you will always have your customer base from all around the world. Basically, at present many countries around the world have included this part of privacy policy to their laws which is you have to let your customer know that you are collecting your customer’s personal information for your business requirement.

Therefore, you have to let your customer know the following reasons when it comes to data gathering. Such as: the information you are collecting, the purpose of collecting those information.

So this might cause some difficulties for you to run your business’s operations smoothly. But the good thing is as a solution for this you can follow “clickwrap” method.

In clickwrap method what happened is you can create a privacy policy page in your own drop servicing website and then linking it to an opt-in form. So here you can collect the customer’s personal data.

So that your privacy policy page is visible to your customer and at the same time you can get your customers permission to collect his/her data. And also when you are following the clickwrap method you don’t have to keep your customers data stored forever. You can keep the data stored only for the length of time that you need it.

  • Terms & Conditions

The next thing that you have to consider when it comes to the legal aspects of your drop servicing business’s legal aspect is it’s terms and conditions. As same as the privacy policies, a proper arrangement of terms and conditions should also be there in a standard online business.

Terms and conditions means another set of rules that you have to apply to your website. Here what happens is your customers should agree to the set of terms and conditions before they enter to your website.

The main usage of applying terms and conditions to your business and website is, it works as  a great way to help you to protect your business and it’s rights. And also it improves your business’s procedures as well.

There are some specific things you have to include when it comes to terms and conditions such as:

  • Your business’s operations
  • Marketing strategies of your business
  • Goals of your business
  • Payments and pricing
  • Revision policy
  • Limitation of liability

And also you don’t have to spend hours of time making terms and conditions to your business. You can simply surf on internet and find out the most suitable terms and conditions to your business form a privacy policy and T&C generator.

  • Copyrights

This is another main area that you have to focus on if your drop servicing business is related to a drop service such as stock photos illustrations, music, or any other type of art. Therefore, you should follow everything possible to avoid the copyright issues.

Especially if you are planning to start over a drop servicing business related to stock photos then the copyright issues may definitely occur even if you think it may not. And this can lead to a very critical condition for you and your customer as well as this occurs legal issues.

So the best thing that you can do is using your own original captures or buying pictures from a licensed website and then sharing it with your freelancer to do the rest of editing and graphics. And if you are directly taking completed product from your freelancer then what you can do is asking your freelancer to prove that everything was created and edited by him.  

For an example if you are asked to deliver a graphic design related service to your customer then you can ask your freelancer to send you the original source file which is made with photoshop or illustrator etc. This helps you to make sure that your freelancer has done the work by himself and also you may not face for any kind of legal issues in future regarding the work you deliver.

If you are delivering a written type of work, then again you have to consider on copyright issues as well. In order to avoid this kind of situations you can use an online plagiarism checker to check whether your document is plagiarism free.  

Drop servicing is a great online business that anybody can do in order to achieve a higher profit. At the same time it is a legal business as well. Therefore, if you do your drop servicing business in a right way according to it’s legal aspects then you can surely achieve success without facing for any troubles.

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