Top Drop Servicing Ideas for 2021

In this post, we are going to Drop servicing ideas that you can utilize in 2021. Drop servicing is a business model that buys services from a service provider and sells them off to a client who requires that service. The person who is involved in the drop servicing acts as the middle man between the client and the supplier. This is an emerging business model in the modern world, implementing its procedures through online platforms. There are many services you can sell via this drop servicing model. Most of the time they are graphic designs, content, or websites. Let’s see what would be the best ideas for drop servicing in 2021.

Build WordPress sites

Websites have become a major requirement in the modern world. Almost all companies need a website to operate and market their business through online platforms. WordPress provides many templates to create such websites. They are easy to create and to manage. So, most people tend to use WordPress to create their websites. This will be a great niche for drop services in the upcoming year if put into the business. Almost everyone is interested in having an easily manageable and secure website for their business. WordPress has become the latest trend of website development rather than the traditional HTML websites.


Photo editing is another quite popular and in-demand niche in drop servicing. In action too photos, there are many other tasks performed by photoshop. Flyer designs, posters, brochures, postcards, menus, and many more are there. And also, there are plenty of freelancers who excel in graphic designing.

Logo design

Logo designing is performed using graphic designing tools too. This also has a high demand in the industry. Every new company requires its own logo to start a business. There is a lot of software that can easily create your designs for you. But none of them are good as a fully customized and unique logo. The design should be unique and should come from the designer himself. Make sure your freelancers design and create the logos on their own, without using already available designs. Otherwise, there will be no actual value in the designs you sell. It depends on the freelancers you choose to choose.

Business cards design

Logo designs and business cards both go along the same line. Both of them are required at the beginning of a business. Most customers tend to get both their logo design and the business card done from the same place. So this also requires to be unique and meet a certain quality.

It would be advantageous if you can introduce a package deal for this. So you can get more orders and attract more clients. Then you provide the customer with a quality design, you may have better opportunities at getting more work. Maybe their next poster campaign, or their Facebook posts. You just have to make sure you provide the best services.

Managing social media

This is another trending field in the freelancing industry. Most people love to have a proper social media account for their business. But either they don’t know how to manage it or they don’t have enough time for that. So, you have to take the responsibility up to your sleeves and make sure that there are several posts per month and the reach is high. These social media for business are used as marketing tricks.

This field requires skills and proper social media management knowledge. So, you have to be careful when you pick the freelancers. For example, can check their own social media accounts and judge whether they are good at it by analyzing the reach they have got. This service requires few posters per month and few advertisements with polls and surveys.

Writing and proofreading

Content writing has become a major requirement for all the websites and blogs out there. Copywriting, scriptwriting, product reviews, and content writing consume a lot of time. So people are more inclined towards hiring someone to write their content for them. Most of the time, content writers would charge per word, per page, or per hour that they work on.

When hiring freelancers for this you have to check their ratings and samples. And you don’t have to direct your customer to the content writer you hire. If they ask for a sample, you can ask for samples from your freelancer yourself, or either you can buy a few and present them as your work. Directing the client towards the freelancer would cause your business to crumble.

Data entry

Data entry is basically entering data into a spreadsheet or a CRM. The freelancers generally charge per hour or per project. Choosing a per-project plan would be better. There can be many projects with such data entry requirements. Like logo designers and content writers, there are a lot of data entry freelancers too. You just have to make sure the freelancers you hire provide quality service and are efficient. Along with data entry, you can also prove services like data sanitizing and data formatting.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many criteria one can cover in search engine optimization. For example, the most common one is keyword search. Some of the others are, domain analysis, gap analysis, content template, and competitor analysis. You can offer few or all of such services. This is a bit expensive. So, you have to be careful when you pick the freelancers here. And also, this is a field where you can obtain a lot of profit.

Search engine optimization does not perform a miracle and boosts up your traffic. You have to make this point clear to your customers. It just helps to analyze the situation and increases the probability of you getting  a higher traffic to your website.

There are many more niches you can go for drop servicing in 2021. There is video editing, animation, bank linking, creating advertisements, transcription projects, etc. In addition to those, there is cover art like podcast covers, e-book covers, and also voice cover services. Pick the best option you think is compatible with your knowledge and skills and start your business right away!

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