How to use white label services for drop servicing?

First of all, let’s see what is white labeling service. White label services are the services that the service providers sell, without branding them. That means, they do not mark those services with their brand nor they display those services in their portfolios. That gives a great opportunity for drop servicing the business model.

Whats is a white label service?

That enables the drop servicing business to resell it to another customer under their brand name without much hassle. Let us dig deep into white label services and agencies and in this article, we will discuss:

  • Pros and cons of using white label services
  • Compare white label agency with the freelancer services
  • How to find the best white label agency for your drop servicing business
  • List of services you can get under a white label

White label agency vs Freelancer

Now you may be wondering, why we need white label products when we have freelancers. The thing is, the freelancers have a brand for themselves and they make sure their services are also sold under their brand name. And they post their creations under their portfolio. So, when that happens, the clients tend to buy the products or services directly from the freelancer at a lower price. That will be a huge blow to one’s drop servicing business. The other thing is, freelancers are individuals, and not all of their products are of the same quality. And also, when working with a single freelancer, you may face more issues if the freelancer is late, sick, or busy. Partner with freelancers can benefit your drop servicing business, but white label agencies are a better option to consider especially when you start a drop servicing business.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of working with a white label agency. Let’s see what those are.

Advantages of White label services for your drop servicing business

The white label comes with a wide array of favorable solutions for our drop servicing business model. The first thing is the business model. The white labeling business model is built just for resellers. Their first priority is mostly the resellers like drop service providers or drop shipping people. So, they have identified the relevant requirements and developed this model. The freelancers target the clients themselves. They try to sell their service directly to the customer in need at a higher price. But the white label business model focuses more on the resellers.

Another major advantage is that you can sell the products you buy under your own brand name. And you can even market those products under your brand name. There you can build up a brand name for yourself, but selling the products you bought from some other company. You can sell these products as you yourself created those. There is no interference from the creator. Another great thing is the white label companies are more reliable than a freelancer. This is not a comparison of freelancers with white label, but the drop service providers tend to buy from freelancers all the time. That is why the two are compared.

So, in comparison to working with a single freelancer, you can work with a team when you hire a white label agency. There is a business model, structure, ethics, and set of the return policy and backup plans are available for business. This will help you to easily inherit the same values to your drop servicing business.

Manage projects like a pro

An extra advantage of working with a white label agency is that you can utilize and integrate their project management systems. That will help you to streamline your projects from the first step, quotation to the end where you deliver the project. When you start a service business you will understand the importance of a good project manager and a project management system. This will help your business to build trust and confidence in your clients by regularly updating the status due dates and the timelines.

Products are already defined for you

One of the biggest advantages of using a white label agency that supports drop servicing is that they have already packed and priced the services and defined the includes and excludes. This will help your drop servicing agency since you only need to markup the price and sell it to potential customers. In addition, they will provide you a list of upselling and cross-selling options. That will help you to increase the average order value.

Marketing and documents

Creating marketing material, service descriptions, and legal documents can be time-consuming and hectic. Usually, the white label service providers have the templates done for you. When you are looking for a service provider make sure you check if they already have these documents templates done for you. It will make your life so much easier as a drop servicing provider.

Recurring income with white label marketing services

When it comes to recurring services such as digital marketing (Social media marketing and Search engine optimization) it is important to deliver quality service consistently. This will be hard to manage with freelancers unless you have a proper quality assurance process and defined your service units with proper guidance. Therefore it will be much reliable to utilize a white label marketing company to handle your digital marketing campaigns for your customers. The beauty of the recurring services is that you will get an income every month.

The ultimate goal of the drop servicing business model is to make your life so much easier by outsourcing and automating a large portion of the work and keep a healthy margin. White label agency will provide the above luxury.

Disadvantages of using white label agency

There are actually not many disadvantages of utilizing a white label company for your drop service business. If there is any, it would most probably be the price. As these products tend to be more quality and comes from a team itself, these tend to be a bit more expensive than hiring a freelancer. And also, they are supplied completely unbranded and with full ownership. So, don’t be surprised by the price. This would not be a good option if you intending to sell services at a very low rate.

Services that we can buy under white-label

So, one another question. What are the services that we can buy under white-label? The answer is, almost everything that you can drop service.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing or Content Creation
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Accounting
  • Reporting monitoring, are among those services
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Balance sheets
  • Offsite CCTV surveillance
  • Digital marketing
  • Link building

How to find a white label agency

So, as you can see, there is a wide variety of options you can select from. There are plenty of marketplaces to find white label agencies. You can simply Google it.

So, those are the basic pros, and cons of white label products. If you are willing to sell your services for a higher price, these service providers are the perfect fit for you. They will also help to maintain a certain quality and a standard in the services you sell.

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