Why Drop Servicing on Shopify Is the Next Big Thing?

Dropshipping is a popular business model where you can sell physical products directly online without holding an inventory. It gives the owner the leverage of starting their business with convenience and jump into the dropshipping spectrum.

Over the past 4 years, the popularity of the model has reached ten folds. Therefore, it is the right time to start your business online or opt for drop service from other outsourcing companies.

Benefits of Drop Servicing with Shopify

In recent times, people have created their online drop service businesses on Shopify. This is mainly because the dropshipping industry has become saturated and there’s more competition.

However, many people do not know why they should prioritize drop servicing (in these days) over dropshipping. Not only is it a profitable and sustainable business model, but it offers numerous benefits including:

  • Drop servicing business model is less riskier when compared to dropshipping. This is because you will be involved in selling digital services to your intended audience and not physical products.
  • Drop servicing is an excellent business model for beginners. It requires minimal investment and resources to start a business from scratch.
  • It is not a ‘must’ to have technical knowledge if you are entering this market. You can get started and create your online business without any expertise.
  • There are no logistics or shipping costs involved (as with dropshipping) therefore you can enjoy higher profits on every sale.

What Services Can You Sell on Shopify?

Just like dropshippng, When it comes to selling services online, there is no better platform than Shopify. The main reason behind this is the everything-at-one-place interface. By that I mean, you can find an app for adding any functionality based on the services you offer. 

Here are some of the services you can sell on Shopify to create a profitable business.

Online Consultancy

Do you have an expertise in a certain niche and love talking about it? Do you love to help people? You can drop service online consultancy where not only you are going to earn money, but do a good cause by helping others.

In these unprecedented (and never ending pandemic) times, more people are hiring digital consultants and the business has skyrocketed. You can do your part by starting right away!

Digital Products or Services

Well, what’s better than selling digital products and services, and generate a greater revenue from doing so. In the past few years, people have started offering online services where they sell as simple as logo designing to as complicated as custom web and mobile applications.

You can set up a website to offer similar services including, but not limited to:

  • Website design and development
  • Content writing
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Graphics design
  • Digital art

Rental Business

Many people would think this is not ‘exactly’ a drop servicing business idea. Yes, it falls somewhere between drop servicing and dropshipping – but, what if you do not have the desired offering your client wants? As with all drop servicing services, you collaborate with people or businesses who offer the solution.

The scope and opportunities are endless! From offering rental for vehicles to apartment, music equipment, and vacation homes – you can offer rental as drop servicing on Shopify.

Customer Support

Every online business in the world need to have a customer support department to offer professional support to their customers and clients. And, yes you can outsource this as well. All you need is to find a business who need to offer customer support to its target audience and then find a freelancer or an agency who professionally offers this service. You can also hire a white label support provider to fulfill requirements.

Home Services

Ever since pandemic emerged, people have become more conscious and prefer to get home services including haircare and pet care by calling professionals to their residence. You can easily sell these services via Shopify and hire experts to fulfill the order.

Other Services

These are just few of many services you can offer as drop servicing with Shopify. If these do not suit you or you have another idea, just think of how you can fulfil order requirement by ensuring customer satisfaction.

Other service options include offering subscriptions or memberships of a demanded niche, online courses, event support, and more.

Final Thoughts

Shopify for Drop Servicing is becoming increasingly popular due to its user-friendly nature and affordability. Aspiring business owners are looking for ways to not only start an online business, but run a business that is profitable and scalable.

With drop servicing, you can easily create an empire that generates you six-figure sales in a short span of time.

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